Industrial Innovation Partners

Industrial Innovation Partners is the principal investment arm of the Anchor Group which invests in technologies and business models that transform industry. We operate as an investment platform, partnering with entrepreneurial families and investors to help our companies internationalize and drive them to exit using our cross-border footprint.

We invest in and grow innovative technologies and business models transforming industry

We serve as a bridge between innovation and incumbent ecosystems.

Why IIP?

The transformation of industry is a generational opportunity, with over $900bn likely to be invested over the next few years. Yet, there exists a significant gap between those companies driving innovation - often young and fast moving, with localized operations - and those requiring new technologies - typically incumbent firms with regional or global footprints.

We invest in closing that gap and serve as a bridge between the two - delivering insights and transformation opportunities to our investors, while helping our portfolio companies commercialize faster.

Our team and our shareholders have long standing experience in traditional industry, investments, and in building technology-based businesses. This experience combined with a rigorous yet flexible approach to investing will drive our success.

Our strategy

We are a thesis-driven investor and work with business leaders and our investors to identify key industrial pain points in our target sectors. Our rigorous approach is driven by extensive value-chain analysis and landscaping of each sector to identify key use cases ripe for digitization and technologies or business models ready for adoption at scale. For a business idea that fits our thesis, with management able to execute fast and with a defensible window of opportunity, we are agnostic to stage, country, or round.

Our approach is high-touch and meant to help our shareholders and portfolio companies succeed. We work closely with companies to help them develop the organization, expand beyond borders, exploit M&A / roll-up opportunities, and drive them to exit within a foreseeable timeframe.

Learn more about our thesis.

Our investment focus

Smart grids & energy

Smart manufacturing

Logistics & supply chains

Smart mobility & transportation

Enablement technologies


Focus on Europe, selectively North America and Israel


Early-growth through expansion

Our innovations benefit our investors, industry and the broader society.


Expected reduction in traffic accidents from autonomous vehicles and advanced driver-assistance systems.


Reduction in energy use and carbon emissions from smart grids – equal to 66 coal plants in the USA.


Reduction in food waste from connected supply chains.

Track record

The team brings over 30 years of experience investing in and helping launch and grow companies across the growth curve and has specifically developed and tested this investment strategy over 18 months. Prior to launching Industrial Innovation Partners, our team invested in 7 transactions in 2017 pursuing this strategy, with an unrealized return of 57% through Q1 2018.