Direct investments and advisory

Mid-sized financial institutions, entrepreneurs and family offices increasingly seek to invest directly with a greater level of control and transparency, but few have the resources to build a rigorous investment program.

We provide such investors with an infrastructure, capabilities, and privileged access to unique institutional direct and co-investment opportunities, sourced from an experienced network of local investors and experts, and selected through a rigorous process tailored to their needs.

Our approach

We seek to build long term value together with our clients in the portfolios we advise on. To that end, our approach is grounded in three principles:

Institutional dealflow: We source opportunities from our institutional fund relationships, organically through our network of investors, and for selective partners, through systematic research and sourcing. Through these channels, we have had access to over 4000 institutionally vetted deals across US, Europe, and India.

Selective screening: We work with our clients to understand their needs and investment capabilities, and provide the resources necessary to implement a selective screening process to ensure the right opportunities are evaluated and executed.

Cost efficiency and alignment: We work with our partners in a transparent manner to build a long-term position in each transaction or portfolio and share costs and upside to align interests.

Our focus

We originate, assess, and execute investment opportunities for our clients across a range of alternative asset classes and themes. Past and current mandates have been in support of four strategies or themes for our clients:

  1. Asset-backed private debt
  2. Established private equity and real estate
  3. Technology-centric VC investments into industrial transformation
  4. Impact investments

Our investments and portfolio

Anchor Markets has completed a number of investments over the past 3 years, several of which remain private. Investments, primarily from our impact investment and venture capital portfolios, are listed below.