G-volution and KatOil partner with Anchor Markets for Indian expansion

G-volution, a leading provider of low-carbon, multi-fuel engine technology and KatOil, an international LNG supplier, have partnered with Anchor Markets, a Swiss-based cross-border investment and advisory firm, to support the company’s expansion into India. Anchor Markets shall help G-volution explore and conclude partnerships with leading OEMs and suppliers seeking clean-fuel technologies in the automotive, rail, and genset sectors in India.

G-volution has developed a suite of patented technologies that allow a diesel engine to co-combust with natural gas and other alternative fuels. The company also provides the only technology that can deliver Euro VI/Bharat VI emissions standards in dual fuel engines. The company’s award-winning technology is already well established in the UK, USA and Africa and has been deployed on commercial vehicles from Mercedes, Volvo, and MAN, and rail engines from Cummins and CAT.

Anchor will work together with G-Volution and Katoil, a US and UK-based LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) and LPG investment and trading business. Katoil has an extensive global network for trading and distribution to automotive, rail, marine and genset sectors.

Chris Smith, CEO of G-volution, stated: ‘We see considerable opportunity in helping India transition to a low-carbon future, at a cost that does not disrupt current economics. We are delighted to partner with the Anchor Group, to explore opportunities and identify partners for our expansion.”

Swapan Kataria, CEO of Katoil, said “we at Katoil are very excited to be able to promote and grow an innovative technology that will allow the transport and power generation industries across India and beyond to substantially reduce their diesel consumption, lower their operating costs, AND improve air quality all at the same time”

Trivan Mathur, Managing Partner of the Anchor Group, said “We are delighted to be supporting G-volution, whose proven technology and cost advantages are an excellent complement to the needs of India’s growing industrial energy needs. We look forward to bring this innovative technology to enable Indian manufacturers to meet stringent Bharat VI norms.”

Anchor Markets successfully exits Mera Gao Power

Anchor Markets is pleased to announce that it has exited its investment in Mera Gao Power (MGP), a leading provider of rural microgrid lighting services in Uttar Pradesh, India. The investment, structured as a fixed interest rate debt in 2013, was repaid in full to the syndicate of lenders.

MGP was part of Anchor Markets’ impact investment portfolio strategy. The company operates solar microgrids in Uttar Pradesh, one of India’s poorest states, providing rural villages with lighting and basic mobile power charging services. The company enables better education for children, greater security, and increased quality of life and activities in participating villages and households.