Anchor International Investments

Anchor International Investments selects, distributes and supports best-in-class asset managers. Founded in 2007, Anchor International began its 3rd-party fund distribution and fund raising business in 2009. Since then it has grown into being one of the leading independent fund distributors in Switzerland.

Our Focus and Approach

We work with asset managers pioneering superior risk – adjusted strategies that offer geographical and asset class diversification to core investment portfolios.

Products  include High Yield Debt, Asian Equity, Private Equity / Mezzanine Debt and Real Estate through more than 20 fund offerings and managed accounts.

Third Party Funds

We select and distribute best-in-class investment funds to qualified investors predominantly in Switzerland and the Middle East. Our selection criteria is focused on quality and reflects demand for specific asset classes from within our ecosystem of investors.     Learn more

Fund Advisory and Support

We provide select, highly talented managers operational support and seed funding to launch first time funds.
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