Cross-border Transaction Advisory

Europe remains one of the world's powerhouses for innovation, home to some of the world's best universities and with a strong focus on digitization of industry and a deep tradition of family businesses. India is the world's fastest growing major economy, with a strong demand for innovative technology and a large and growing middle class and industrial base.

Both regions offer immense opportunity to companies, but operating successfully across them requires having the right partners on the ground and being able to navigate a different culture and regulatory environment.

We help companies and business owners seek expansion and innovation opportunities across these two dynamic regions through investment, partnership, and acquisitions, and invest into and advise disruptive technology companies that want to develop long-term business in India.

Our focus

We focus on three key verticals within which we maintain extensive domain knowledge and industry networks across Europe and India.

The Indian automotive industry is one of the largest in the world, accounting for over 7% of India's GDP. We invest into low-carbon propulsion, telematics, and smart mobility.
We invest into the energy landscape of the future, with a focus on technologies that enable distributed and low-carbon energy generation, storage, and management.
We focus on disruptive financial banking technologies (FinTech) applicable in emerging markets and the consolidation of financial services in Europe.

Our portfolio and clients